SHM & NDE M.S. Degree


The Department of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego offers a unique, one-year, Master of Science (M.S.) in Structural Engineering with Specialization in Structural Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation (SHM&NDE). 

The M.S. in SHM&NDE provides highly interdisciplinary knowledge incorporating three broad technology areas: (1) sensing technology; (2) data interrogation; and (3) modeling and analysis. The intersections and integration of these technology areas are fundamental to support structural health monitoring and nondestructive evaluation, which may be defined as the process of making an uncertainty-quantified assessment, based on appropriate analyses of in situ measured data, about the current ability of a structural component or system to perform its intended design function(s) successfully. This discipline within Structural, Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering is a fundamental capability that supports "design-to-retirement" life cycle management of systems. Two degree options in SHM&NDE are offered: M.S. Thesis Option and M.S. Comprehensive Option. Both options require 36 units for graduation and is designed to be a one-year M.S. Program.

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