Human-Structure Interactions

Next-generation human-structure interfaces that change how we interact and perceive the world

Our life experiences and how we perceive the world are largely defined by our interactions with our surroundings and how the environment affects us. These human-structure interfaces play a significant role in our perceptions and interactions, especially as we embrace technology and their assistance when exploring or navigating extreme environments. These technologies can include bio-inspired or biomimetic structures that help us perform complex tasks using soft robotic systems or even surfaces that can morph their shape and texture similar to how an octopus camouflages to evade predators. The ARMOR Lab is developing new mechanisms and architected materials for actuating and sensing soft structures that are applicable for human-structure interactions or human-machine interfaces. The goal is to enhance our ability to sense, manipulate, and interact with our environment. The various active and completed projects below highlight some of our efforts in advancing the state-of-the-art in architected stimuli-responsive materials and soft actuators. 

Adaptive Armor

Additively manufactured stimuli-responsive architected structures

Stimuli-responsive mechanical metamaterials

Novel soft material actuation and control

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