Center for Extreme Events Research (CEER) Summer Research Program

Designing for Safety and Safety by Design

Designing for Safety and Safety by Design

A CEER Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering, Center for Extreme Events Research

The 2024 CEER REU Summer Program at UC San Diego is planned as an in-person and on-campus Program.


The overarching goal of this CEER REU Summer Program is to immerse students in a meaningful and highly interdisciplinary research environment within the structural engineering domain and to teach them that design does not end with construction. Instead, designing for safety embodies: quantifying potential load conditions, damage mechanics, and uncertainties; monitoring for anomalies during operations; processing this information through cyber-modeling via digital surrogates; and translating the information to actionable knowledge for improving current and future system designs. This is a self-funded summer research program and is open to all domestic and international undergraduate students interested in conducting multidisciplinary and cutting-edge for eight weeks at UC San Diego. More information about the Center for Extreme Events Research can be found here.

2024 REU Summer Program Information

2024 CEER REU Summer Program Overview

CEER REU student scholars will work in pairs and be assigned - based on their interests – to work with a faculty mentor and graduate student in Structural Engineering. Students will conduct independent research while collaborating with and learning from other undergraduate and graduate students in an integrated group setting. Students will be exposed to a unique experience that includes:

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Sample Research Topics

Student Enrichment Activities

Caption: Structural Engineering Powell Labs


Applications for the CEER REU Summer Program are due on March 15. To help you prepare your application, you can download the list of questions before formally submitting your application. Applications will still be accepted after the deadline. Applications are now closed. Please contact Prof. Loh if you need an exception to submit a late application.

Application Portal

Note: You may need to sign into Google (Gmail) in order to complete the online application.

About UC San Diego Structural Engineering

Students scholars in the 2024 CEER REU Program at UC San Diego will conduct research in and be housed in the Department of Structural Engineering. The Department, and its faculty and students, conduct cutting edge research in aerospace, biological, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, and naval/marine structures by integrating engineering mechanics theories, computational modeling simulations, experimental testing, and practical design concepts. In addition, the Department is home to the world-class Charles Lee Powell Laboratories, the Caltrans Seismic Response Modification Device, and the Englekirk Engineering Center. Through these facilities, students and visitors have access to some of the most innovative and productive research infrastructure in the world.

Captions: UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering quad adjacent to Structural Engineering

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